What Are the Advantages of Owning a Portable Heat Gun?

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No matter if you’re a hobbyist or possibly a specialist, a heat gun is an very helpful instrument to obtain within your arsenal. With being able to decrease plastic piping and bend Pvc material, it may help you are making swift operate associated with a hot air gun undertaking. But before buying one particular, there are certain stuff you should know initial. This short article will give a review of heating guns and things to search for when coming up with an investment.

Types of Temperature Guns

The two main types of heating pistols on the market: common-heat models and adjustable-heat versions. Normal-temperatures versions are the most prevalent variety and therefore are typically utilized for simple jobs like loosening color or getting rid of labels from containers. They often come with two settings—low and high—and range in temp from 120°F to 1200°F (50°C to 650°C). Variable-heat versions, on the flip side, offer you a lot more precise control over the temp output, enabling customers to regulate the adjustments as needed for further fragile activities like soldering and desoldering electric powered factors. These models ordinarily have 3 settings—low, medium sized and high—and range in temp from 120°F to 1400°F (50°C to 760°C).

Heat Gun Accessories

Together with your heat gun itself, there are various extras that may be obtained separately that can make your job easier. By way of example, if you’re utilizing your heat gun for paint removing or soldering operate then you may want to select a cooling stay or a wide range of nozzles which allow you to primary the air movement precisely where it’s required. A nozzle established will also be useful if you plan on using your heat gun for shrinking plastic-type piping as each nozzle continues to be created specifically for this goal. Eventually, if you’re likely to be dealing with electric powered elements a ground wire is important simply because this helps prevent injury from fixed electrical energy develop during operation.


Warmth pistols could be incredibly valuable equipment both for enthusiasts and pros alike but it’s important that they’re applied appropriately. Before you make any purchase, consider what kind of jobs you intend on making use of it for to help you pick a suitable version because of the needed accessories included. If done right, a good quality heat gun may last decades so invest some time and try and get exactly the thing you need!