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What’s cryptocurrency?

The contemporary electronic currency – cryptocurrencyis a Medium of exchange in which the information of everybody’s ownership is stored in a digital manner having strong cryptography for secure transactions, to ensure no manipulations with the document. It is not issued with a central authorities. There is not any physical form for this particular money. Even the central authorities of any country can record the transactions made with cryptocurrency. The very first decentralized cryptocurrency was bitcoin, released in 2009. It is the most popular type now. Funding using cryptocurrencyis named ICO(initial coin offering).

Some Advantages of cryptocurrency are:

• It is quite confidential.

• Nothing between the two users exchanging money, so it’s quicker.

• Access to the world wide web is easier than access to banks. So cryptocurrency can be retrieved easily.

• To create an international transaction, cryptocurrency is much better compared to banks.

• After payment is made, it can’t be reversed. It saves us from fraud.

• Unlike cards, our entire identity is not shared when we create a payment. We can control what we would like to share.

• You have the account. Nobody can suspend it.

For the digital era, cryptocurrency is the cash. Now the world Is moving to non-physical transactions.

Beaxy Exchange

Beaxy Exchange is an exchange for cryptocurrency. It’s an Upcoming all-in-one exchange that has several tools to offer a fantastic experience. You can trade beaxy tokenfor any other token or you can use them to pay trading fees. The processing speed is excellent and customer support is available 24*7. The prices on deposits are fixed on 0.2% which is very low and you can find a percentage of the trading fee back together with the beaxy.

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